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2020 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. Investing for the Long Term ... Which is How Long?Barron's, October 29, 2020.
________. “Visualizing Retirement Portfolio Survival,” Retirement Income Journal, October 29, 2020.
________. “Making Salsa with ETFs,” ETF.com, October 27, 2020.
________. “Keeping Portfolio Costs Low,” January 2020.
________. “Introduction to 7Twelve,” January 2020.
________. “7Twelve Performance Graphs,” January 2020.
________. “The $12 Portfolio,” January 2020.
________. “Three Essential Points for All Investors,” January 2020.
________. “Go, Portfolio, Go!,” January 2020.
2019 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. Benchmarking: The Art of the Science,” AAII Journal, November 2019.
________. “Seeing the RMD in a New Light: The Required Minimum Distribution and its Implications for Retirement Portfolio Design,” The Journal of Performance Measurement, Winter 2018/2019.
________. “Clarifying the Purpose of Diversification,” American Association of Individual Investors Journal, September 2019.
________. “The Diversification Game,” Financial Planning, August 2019.
________. “Keeping Portfolio Costs Low,” February 2019.
________. “Building a Better Balanced Fund,” January 2019.
________. “Introduction to 7Twelve,” January 2019.
________. “The $12 Portfolio,” January 2019.
________. “Three Essential Points for All Investors,” January 2019.
________. “Go, Portfolio, Go!” January 2019.
2018 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. Start Investing Now,” Build your investment portfolio for $5 per month, May 2018. Available in paperback and kindle format.
________. The Impact of Saving Versus Return on Wealth,American Association of Individual Investors Journal, May 2018.
________. New Look for a Classic Portfolio,Financial Planning, January 2018.
________. “The $12 Portfolio,” January 2018.
________. “The 7Twelve® Balanced Strategy: The Core of 'Core and Explore',” January 2018.
________. “Three Essential Points for All Investors,” January 2018.
________. “7Twelve Performance Graphs,” January 2018.
________. “Building a Better Balanced Fund,” January 2018.
________. “Introduction to 7Twelve,” January 2018.
2017 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. The Impact of Expense Ratios on Retirement Income,American Association of Individual Investors Journal, September 2017.
________. What to Expect During the Next Stock Market Decline and Subsequent Recovery,” September 14, 2017.
________. How to Keep Fund Fees Low to Increase Your Retirement Portfolio,” NextAvenue.org, July 27, 2017.
________. When a Safety Net Disappears,” Financial Planning, February 2017.
________. “The $12 Portfolio,” January 2017.
________. “The 7Twelve® Balanced Strategy: The Core of 'Core and Explore',” January 2017.
________. “Three Essential Points for All Investors,” January 2017.
________. “7Twelve Performance Graphs,” January 2017.
________. “Building a Better Balanced Fund,” January 2017.
________. “Introduction to 7Twelve,” January 2017.
2016 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. “Does Patience Really Pay Off?Financial Planning, March 2016.
________. “Three Essential Points for All Investors,” January 2016.
________. “Go, Portfolio, Go!” January 2016.
________. “7Twelve Performance Graphs,” January 2016.
________. “Building a Better Balanced Fund,” January 2016.
________. “Introduction to 7Twelve,” January 2016.
2015 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. “Embracing Winners and Losers,” Financial Planning Magazine, October 2015.
________. “Focused on the Little Picture,” Financial Planning Magazine, September 2015.
________. “Retirement Crash Test,” Financial Planning Magazine, January 2015.
________. “How Safe is Your Retirement Portfolio?,” Next Avenue, January 2015.
________. “7Twelve 2014 Performance Graphs,” January 2015.
________. “Building a Better Balanced Fund,” January 2015.
________. “Introduction to 7Twelve,” January 2015.
________. “Go, Portfolio, Go!” January 2015.
________. “Three Essential Points for Young Investors” January 2015.
2014 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. “When Inflation Is Napping,” Financial Planning Magazine, October 2014.
________. “Alternatives ... Compared to What?,” Investments & Wealth Monitor, Investment Management Consultants Association, July/August 2014.
________. “Investing for pH Balance,” Financial Planning Magazine, July 2014.
________. “Smarter Way to Benchmark,” Financial Planning Magazine, June 2014.
________. “Embracing the Average,” Financial Planning Magazine, March 2014.
________. “Easy Way to Buy Low," Financial Planning Magazine, February 2014.
________. “New Map of Performance,” Financial Planning, January 2014.
________. “Go, Portfolio, Go!,” January 2014.
________. “Three Essential Points for Young Investors,” January 2014.
________. “Building A Better Balanced Fund,” January 2014.
________. “The 7Twelve® Balanced Strategy: The Core of 'Core and Explore',” January 2014.
________. “Asset Allocation Risk & Return Spectrum,” January 2014.
________. “7Twelve vs. Balanced Funds,” January 2014.
2013 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. “Stop Chasing Performance,” Financial Planning Magazine, November 2013.
________. “Time to Update a Classic,” Financial Planning Magazine, June 2013.
________. “Should You Maintain an Allocation to Bonds When Current Rates Are Low?,” AAII Journal, American Association of Individual Investors, May 2013.
________. “Taking a Long View of Bond Performance," Journal of Indexes, March/April 2013.
________. “Survival Test,” Financial Planning Magazine, February 2013.
2012 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. “Index Variation and Overall Performance Variation: From Interesting to Important,” Journal of Indexes,” September/October 2012.
________. “Resetting Unreasonable Expectations,” InsuranceNewsNet Magazine, April 2012.
________. “The 7Twelve® Portfolio vs. Dow Jones Global Relative Risk Indexes,” April 2012.
2011 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. “The Week of Noise: August 8-12, 2011,” www.horsesmouth.com, August 16, 2011.
________. “Still Seeking Stability,” Financial Planning, April 2011.
________. “Nest Egg Survival,” Financial Planning, March 2011.
________. “Consistency Matters,” Financial Planning, February 2011.
________. “Measuring Stick,” Financial Planning, January 2011.
2010 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. “The Responsible Investor,” Financial Planning, December 2010.
________. “Lost--and Found: A Review of the Lost Decade,” Financial Planning, October 2010.
________. 7Twelve: A Diversified Investment Portfolio with a Plan, August 2010. Learn about the benefits of diversification and how to apply it in your own investing. Available from Amazon.
________. “A New Yale Tale,” Financial Planning, March 2010.
2009 Publications
Fragasso, Phil and Israelsen, C.L. Your Nest Egg Game Plan, October 2009. A how-to book to get your finances back on track and create a lifetime income stream. Available from Amazon.com
Israelsen, C.L. “Upper-Left Quadrant”, Financial Planning, September 2009.
________. “Bad Match,” Financial Planning, August 2009.
________. “A Better Balanced Fund,” Bank Investment Consultant Magazine, July 2009.
2008 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. “A Perfect Portfolio,” Financial Planning, September 2008.
________. “The Frontier From Different Views,” Journal of Indexes, July/August 2008.
________. “Spice It Up,” Financial Planning, June 2008.
________. “Building the Perfect Portfolio,” www.horsesmouth.com, June 30, 2008.
________. “Tame Volatility with Volatility,” www.horsesmouth.com, June 2, 2008.
________. “Mega Protection,” Financial Planning, May 2008.
________. “Seeking Stability,” Financial Planning, April 2008.
________. “Quantifying the Value Premium,” www.horsesmouth.com, April 28, 2008.
________. “Take the Edge Off With TIPS,” www.horsesmouth.com, April 14, 2008.
________. “What's in Your Index?” www.horsesmouth.com, March 31, 2008.
________. “The Hidden Bear Market of 2007,” www.horsesmouth.com, March 17, 2008.
________. “Buyer Beware: The Impact of Expense Ratios on Index Funds,” www.horsesmouth.com, March 3, 2008.
________. “A Better Mousetrap: Pure Target Indexes Deliver Simple Sophistication to Investors,” Financial Advisor, February 2008.
________. “Winners By Default,” Financial Planning, February 2008.
________. “Choosing Between a Balanced and Target-Date Fund,” www.horsesmouth.com, February 25, 2008.
________. “Comparing Market Cap vs. Fundamental Indexing,” www.horsesmouth.com, February 11, 2008.
________. “Pure Target Indexes: Better Benchmarks for Target Date Funds,” www.IndexUniverse.com, January 2008.
________. “Stay Low,” Financial Planning, January 2008.
________. “Pure Target Indexes,” Asia Financial Planning Journal, Vol. 9. No 2, 68-72 (January 2008).
2007 Publications
Surz, R. and Israelsen, C.L. “Evaluating Target Date Lifecycle Funds,” Journal of Performance Measurement, Vol. 12, No. 2, pp. 62-70 (Winter 2007/2008).
Israelsen, C.L. “Build a Retirement Portfolio That Lasts,” www.horsesmouth.com, December 3, 2007.
________. “The Benefits of Low Correlation,” the Journal of Indexes, Vol. 10, No. 6, 18-26 (November/December 2007).
________. “Proposition Three,“ Financial Planning, November 2007.
Blanchett, D.M. and Israelsen, C.L. “Spotlighting Common Methodological Biases in Active vs. Passive Studies,” Journal of Financial Planning, Vol. 20, No. 11, pp. 64-72 (November 2007).
Israelsen, C.L. “How to Benchmark Target Date Performance,” www.horsesmouth.com, November 5, 2007.
________. “Smoothing the Path,” Financial Planning, October 2007.
________. “World Allocation vs. Target Date Funds: A Better One-Stop Solution?” www.horsesmouth.com, October 8, 2007.
________. “Missing the Target?” Financial Planning, September 2007.
________. “28 Retirements: An Analysis of Portfolio Durability,” www.horsesmouth.com, September 10, 2007.
________. “What Diversifies Large Blend,” www.horsesmouth.com, August 13, 2007.
________. “Quasi-Commodities?” Financial Planning, July 2007.
________. “MIPY Rides Again,” Financial Planning, June 2007.
________. “How Stable is the Value Premium,” www.horsesmouth.com, June 25, 2007.
________. “Reduce Volatility via Diversification and Time,” www.horsesmouth.com, June 18, 2007.
________. “Variance Among Indexes,” Journal of Indexes, pp. 26-32, May 2007.
________. “How Market Losses Affect Retirement Portfolios,” www.horsesmouth.com, May 7, 2007.
________. “Send in the Clones?” Financial Planning, April 2007.
________. “Investigating Target-Date Funds' Asset Allocation,” www.horsesmouth.com, April 16, 2007.
________. “The Enduring Pesistence of the Value Premium,” www.horsesmouth.com, April 9, 2007.
________. “Tales of the Tape,” Financial Planning, March 2007.
________. “The Trouble With Benchmarks,” www.horsesmouth.com, March 26, 2007.
________. “Build a Quasi-Commodities Package With 3 Sector Funds,” www.horsesmouth.com, March 12, 2007.
________. “Your Mutual Fund Portfolios Aren't as Diversified as You Think,” www.horsesmouth.com, March 12, 2007.
________. “The Math of Recovery,” Financial Planning, February 2007.
________. “The Impact of Asset Allocation on Portfolio Recovery: Quantifying the Value of Low Correlation,” Asia Financial Planning Journal, Vol. 8, No. 2, 29-38 (January 2007).
Israelsen, C.L. and Cogswell, G. “The Error of Tracking Error,” Journal of Asset Management, (U.K.), Vol. 7, No. 6, pp. 419-424 (2007).
Gudmunson, C., Beutler, I., Israelsen, C., McCoy, K. and Hill, J. “Linking Financial Strain to Marital Instability: Examining the Roles of Emotional Distress and Marital Interaction,” Journal of Family and Economic Issues, No. 28, pp. 357-376 (2007).
Israelsen, C.L. “Really Real Returns,” Financial Planning, January 2007.
2006 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. “Economies of Scale?” Financial Planning, December 2006.
________. “The Sum Should Be More Important Than the Parts: Comparing Active vs. Passive Investing at the Portfolio Level,” Journal of Indexes, pp. 42-46, November/December 2006.
________. “Alpha Goes Abroad,” Financial Planning, November 2006.
Israelsen, C.L. and Hansen, E. “The REIT Stuff?” Financial Planning, October 2006.
Israelsen, C.L. “The Math of Gains and Losses,” www.horsesmouth.com, October 16, 2006.
________. “Comparing Active vs. Passive Investing at the Portfolio Level,” www.horsesmouth.com, October 2, 2006.
________. “Alpha Up and Down,” Financial Planning, September 2006.
________. “Alpha in the Box,” Financial Planning, August 2006.
________. “The True Cost of Volatility's Wild Ride,” www.horsesmouth.com, August 28, 2006.
Israelsen, C.L. and Walker, K. “Right on Target?” Financial Planning, July 2006.
Israelsen, C.L. “Style Box Investing: A Little More Complicated Than Tic-Tac-Toe,” www.horsesmouth.com, July 24, 2006.
________. “Equal, But Better,” Financial Planning, June 2006.
Israelsen, C.L. and Walker, K. “Evening the Odds,” Financial Planning, May 2006.
Israelsen, C.L. and McDonough, P. “Max Your Mipy,” Financial Planning, April 2006.
Israelsen, C.L. “Things Are Not Always What They Seem,” Journal of Indexes, Vol. 8, No. 2, 18-24 (March/April 2006).
________. “Hidden Measures,” Financial Planning, March 2006.
________. “How Correlations Change,” www.horsesmouth.com, March 6, 2006.
________. “The Wages of Sin,” Financial Planning, February 2006.
________. “Think Inside the Box,” Financial Planning, January 2006.
2005 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. and Hatch, S. “Proactive Research: Where Art Thou?” Financial Counseling and Planning, Vol. 16 (2), 91-96 (December 2005). Review paper.
Israelsen, C.L. “Keeping it in Perspective,” Financial Planning, December 2005.
________. “Are Your Portfolios Diversified or Redundant?” www.horsesmouth.com, December 5, 2005.
________. “Ways of Means Committee,” Financial Planning, November 2005.
________. “Making the Grade,” Financial Planning, October 2005.
________. “Don't Box Me In,” Financial Planning, September 2005.
________. “Proof That Value Almost Always Beats Growth,” www.horsesmouth.com, September 12, 2005.
Israelsen, C.L. and Lindsley, E. “Minimum-ism,” Financial Planning, August 2005.
Israelsen, C.L. and Sybrowsky, J. “;A Brave New World: Exchange Traded Funds Face Off Against Index Funds,” Journal of Indexes, Vol. 7, No. 4, 26-31 (July/August 2005).
Israelsen, C.L. and McDonough, P. “Bet Your BIPY,” Financial Planning, July 2005.
Clarke, M.C., Heaton, M.B., Israelsen, C.L., and Eggett, D. “The Acquisition of Family Financial Roles and Responsibilities,” Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, Vol. 33, No. 4, pp. 321-340 (June 2005).
Israelsen, C.L. “Variance Among U.S. Equity Indexes,” Journal of Financial Planning, Vol. 18, No. 6, pp. 62-69 (June 2005).
________. “Three's Not a Crowd,” Financial Planning, June 2005.
Israelsen, C.L. and McDonough, P. “Gaming the System,” Financial Planning, May 2005.
Israelsen, C.L. “A Refinement to the Sharpe Ratio and Information Ratio,” Journal of Asset Management, (U.K.) Vol. 5, No. 6, pp. 423-427 (April 2005).
________. “The Virtues of Consistency,” Financial Planning, April 2005.
________. “Calculating 'Real' Returns,” www.horsesmouth.com, April 5, 2005.
________. “Benchmark Checkup,” Financial Advisor, March 2005.
Israelsen, C.L. and Clement, A. “Of Stocks and Funds,” Financial Planning, March 2005.
Israelsen, C.L. and Farr, E. “Now You See It,” Financial Planning, February 2005.
Israelsen, C.L. “Of Stocks, Indexes, and Funds – Is What You See Really What You Get?”, Journal of Indexes, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 38-40 (January/February 2005).
Israelsen, C. L. and Sechler, K. “Survival of the Fittest,” Financial Planning, January 2005.
2004 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. “Survival = Timing,” Financial Planning, December 2004.
________. “The Middle Child,” Financial Planning, November 2004.
________. “Survival Test,” Financial Planning, October 2004.
________. “Looking for the Mean,” Financial Planning, September 2004.
________. “Benchmarking Your Benchmarks,” www.horsesmouth.com, September 13, 2004.
________. “Actively Passive Again,” Financial Planning, August 2004.
________. “Thumbs Up,” Financial Planning, July 2004.
Israelsen, C.L. and Park, E. “The Chase is On,” Financial Planning, June 2004.
Israelsen, C.L. “The IR Repair Kit,” Financial Planning, May 2004.
________. “In the Eye of the Evaluator,” Financial Planning, April 2004.
________. “Rocking and Rolling,” Financial Planning, March 2004.
________. “Activity Level II,” Financial Planning, February 2004.
________. “Better Portfolio Design: The Key to the Core,” www.horsesmouth.com, February 24, 2004.
Israelsen, C.L. and Dohogne, T.J. “Activity Level,” Financial Planning, January 2004.
2003 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. and Kruse, D. "Style Drift (Still) Happens," Financial Planning, December 2003.
Israelsen, C.L. "The Fund Funnel," Financial Planning, November 2003.
________. "Relatively Speaking," Financial Planning, October 2003.
________. "Actively Passive?" Financial Planning, September 2003.
________. "Using Correlations to Construct Indexed Portfolios," www.horsesmouth.com, September 17, 2003.
________. "The Tech Wreck," Financial Planning, August 2003.
________. "Account Management: Should You Change Your Style?" www.horsesmouth.com, August 27, 2003.
________. "Benchmark Bingo," Financial Planning, July 2003.
________. "The Problems with Equity Indexes," www.horsesmouth.com, July 3, 2003.
________. "Is There Value in Growth?" Financial Planning, June 2003.
________. "Protecting Clients Nest Eggs: Stocks of Funds?" www.horsesmouth.com, June 24, 2003.
________. "Loaded Down," Financial Planning, May 2003.
________. "Wind Shift or Sea Change?" Financial Planning, April 2003.
________. "Cost Factors," Financial Planning, March 2003.
________. "Sharpening the Sharpe Ratio," Financial Planning, January 2003.
2002 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. "The Third Way," Financial Planning, December 2002.
Israelsen, C.L. and Sturiale, J. "They Shoot, They SCR," Financial Planning, November 2002.
Israelsen, C.L. "Dissecting the Decline," Financial Planning, October 2002.
________. "It's in the Stars," Financial Planning, September 2002.
________. "Made From Concentrate," Financial Planning, August 2002.
________. "A Winner Every Time," Financial Planning, July 2002.
________. "Starry Eyed," Financial Planning, June 2002.
________. "Are Two Heads Better?" Financial Planning, May 2002.
________. "Rebalance of Power," Financial Planning, April 2002.
________. "Obscured by an Index," Financial Planning, March 2002.
________. "Best in Show," Financial Planning, February 2002.
________. "Reconcilable Differences," Financial Planning, January 2002.
2001 Publications
________. "Relative Concerns," Financial Planning, December 2001.
________. "After Math," Financial Planning, November 2001.
________. "Sharpe and to the Point," Financial Planning, October 2001.
________. "The Alpha Advantage," Financial Planning, September 2001.
________. "No Pain, No Gains," Financial Planning, August 2001.
________. "Safety in Numbers," Financial Planning, July 2001.
________. "Rebalancing Acts," Financial Planning, June 2001.
________. "The Great Migration," Financial Planning, May 2001.
________. "A Few Bad Apples," Financial Planning, April 2001.
________. "Looking Beyond the Indexes," Financial Planning. March 2001.
________. "Benchmark Bias?" Financial Planning, February 2001.
________. "Alpha Beta Soup," Financial Planning, January 2001.
2000 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. "Efficiency Experts," Financial Planning, December 2000.
________. "Turn, Turn, Turn," Financial Planning. November 2000.
________. "Ready for Star Treatment," Financial Planning, October 2000.
________. "When Less is More," Financial Planning, September 2000.
________. "Seeing the Blind Spot," Financial Planning, August 2000.
________. "On the Wrong Track," Financial Planning, July 2000.
________. "The Tech Effect," Financial Planning, June 2000.
________. "At The Mercy of the Manager," Financial Planning, May 2000.
________. "Distorted Reflections," Financial Planning, April 2000.
________. "Outrageous Fortunes," Financial Planning, March 2000.
________. "Pick Funds, Not Stocks," n Wall Street, March 2000.
________. "Concentration Game," Financial Planning, February 2000.
________. "Bear Necessities," Financial Planning, January 2000.
1999 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. "We Are Not The World," Financial Planning, December 1999.
________. "Drift Happens," Financial Planning, November 1999.
________. "That Closed-End Feeling," Financial Planning, October 1999.
________. "Reality Check," Financial Planning, September 1999.
________. "Should We Bail on Bonds?" Financial Planning, September 1999.
________. "Guided By the Stars," Financial Planning, August 1999.
Israelsen, C.L. and Sharpe, D.L. "Social Butterflies," Financial Planning, July 1999.
Israelsen, C.L. "Indexed for Elation," Financial Planning, June 1999.
________. "Full Loads, Empty Promises," Financial Planning, May 1999.
________. "Why Size Matters," Financial Planning, April 1999.
________. "Reasons to Be Institutionalized," Financial Planning, March 1999.
________. "Lump Sums Take Their Lumps," Financial Planning, January 1999.
1998 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. and Andrews, B.G. "The Rich Get Richer," Financial Planning, December 1998.
Israelsen, C.L. "What Price Glory?" Financial Planning, November 1998.
________. "Low Turnover, High Return," Financial Planning, September 1998.
________. "Higher Returns on Far Horizons," Financial Planning, June 1998.
________. "Index Funds: Fair Weather Friends?" Financial Planning, April 1998.
________. "Characteristics of Winning Mutual Funds," Journal of Financial Planning, April 1998.
1997 Publications
________. "Style Equals Substance," Financial Planning, May 1997.
1996 Publications
________. "Systematic Withdrawal: A Mutual Fund Torture Test," Financial Planning, July 1996.
________. "Dollar Cost Averaging: When Does It Work Best?" Financial Planning, January 1996.
1994 Publications
Jang, Y.G. and Israelsen, C.L. "Assessing Family Interaction and Parental Roles Through Pictures," Family Perspective, Vol. 28, No. 1, pp. 1-13 (1994).
Israelsen, C.L. and Beutler, I.F. "Examining the Impact of Consumer Debt on Parent-Child Interaction," Journal of Consumer Studies and Home Economics, No. 18, pp. 17-30 (1994).
1991 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. and Beutler, I.F. "The Value of Past Performance Data: The Case of Mutual Funds," Financial Counseling and Planning, No. 2, pp. 123-129 (1991).
________. "Information Search in the Mutual Fund Market," Journal of Consumer Studies and Home Economics, No. 15, pp. 177-188 (1991).
1990 Publications
Israelsen, C.L. "Family Resource Management Research: 1930-1990," Financial Counseling and Planning, (1): 3-39.
1989 Publications
Israelsen, C. L. "Family Resource Management," Family Perspective, Vol. 23, No. 4, pp. 311-331 (1989).
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